Home of The Loco Moco®

Tasty since 1946!

Original Loco Moco

Cafe 100 is the Home of the Loco Moco®! One of the local favorites that we are known for is our Cafe 100 Loco Moco®. There are tour companies and travelers from all over the world that regularly visit Cafe 100 just to experience our Cafe 100 Loco Moco®.

What Is It?

The Cafe 100 Loco Moco® is a meal in a bowl...a serving of rice with a hamburger patty and Hilo-style brown gravy topped with an egg. It’s a simple, tasty and inexpensive breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

The casino has many different cafes and restaurants, but most casino visitors choose Cafe 100. This casual dining area is an example of traditional Japanese pubs. Menu items range from tacos to quesadillas with traditional fillings and chips. Choose from pork, chicken, fish and even tacos with seafood. Ireland casinos visitors often order the Original Loco Moco, a dish in a bowl with a portion of rice with a hamburger cutlet and a brown Hilo-style sauce covered with egg. Extremely nutritious and high-calorie dish that will help you gain strength and luck to win at the casino. The menu is also large, offering a variety of side dishes and snacks. The casino restaurant also serves beer, wine and cocktails.

We offer a lot more than just our Cafe 100 Loco Moco®. We have more than 30 varieties on our menu! Instead of a hamburger patty, we offer different types of meats, chicken, fish and vegetables. There are Doubles and Supers, white or brown rice, and your eggs will be cooked just the way you like it. Watch for our seasonal and a special occasion Cafe 100 Loco Moco® too. Or invent one for us...many of you have!

Call our menu hotline at 935-MENU(6368) to get our daily specials.